Monday, May 11, 2009

Fury looks to take Command

Unbeaten heavyweight sensation Tyson Fury has hit out at his British Heavyweight rivals and says he wants to bring the lustre back to the British Heavyweight title. Fury will have his sixth professional outing at the Watford Colosseum on May 23rd on the undercard of Darren Barker’s third defence of his Commonwealth Middleweight title against Darren McDermott. The Hennessy Sports event will be live on ITV4 and Fury is relishing an opportunity to show the British public that they have at least one heavyweight worth tuning into. Fury watched Danny Williams recent British title defence against John McDermott and he was distinctly unimpressed. “It was rubbish,” slammed Fury. “It was like watching two women fighting in the street with all the slapping and hugging, all they were missing were a pair of handbags. It’s a shame because in his day Danny Williams has been a good fighter and been in some big fights but the British Heavyweight title is a prestigious title and fights like that last one don’t do anything for it. How can you expect the public to be bothered about it with fights like that?” “Hopefully I can bring it some respect again. I’m trying to do things the right way and I want to earn my shot at it. You have a guy like Derek Chisora calling out Williams for a fight in June. What has he done to earn a British title fight? His last fight was a points win over Daniel Peret while I stopped Peret in two rounds in my third fight so that hardly qualifies him. “I’ll be out again in June and I’d love to fight John McDermott on that one. He’s not in my league but unfortunately that’s the level the British heavyweight division is at these days. I think a win over him would earn me a British title shot but if after that Chisora wants to take me on in a final eliminator then I’d be happy to sort him out as well. “All the British heavyweights are useless. The only one I rate is Martin Rogan, at least he comes to have a fight, he’s a real fighting man, the rest of them just want to hug and hold their way to points decisions. I go out there looking for an early night every, single time because that’s what people want to see when they watch a heavyweight fight.” One man who won’t be in the opposite corner to Fury anytime soon is Dave Ferguson. The Newcastle fighter said he would fight Fury with a months notice but when offered exactly that for May 23rd he turned the fight down. “Ferguson claimed in the Boxing News that he would have the fight at the drop of a hat if he got enough notice so we gave him that and he still didn’t want to know so what does that tell you?” questioned Fury. Another man unlikely to be featuring on Fury’s radar is the so called, “War Machine”, Larry Olubamiwo. “His promoter Frank Maloney was calling me out earlier in the year,” recalled Fury. “He was running around the ring shouting ‘Bring on Tyson Fury’ then when Olubamiwo was offered the fight Maloney said to wait because it would be a massive fight in 18 months time. “It’s not looking too massive now, Olubamiwo just got beat by Daniel Peret who with the greatest respect to him is rubbish. I said all along if you can’t beat the likes of Peret you have no business calling yourself a pro fighter and any prospect worth their salt should be stopping the likes of him. “That’s two of Maloney’s big prospects who have been beaten by Peret now because Scott Belshaw lost to him as well but in my opinion what Frank Maloney knows about heavyweight boxing could be tattooed on the back of my big toe. Maybe Frank will give them another 18 months, I’m sure a rematch with Peret would be massive by then!” Fury’s sixth pro outing at the Watford Colosseum on May 23rd is on the undercard of the Darren Barker – Darren McDermott Commonwealth Middleweight title fight. In the chief support bout Matthew Thirwall and George Hillyard will battle it out in what promises to be a thrilling Southern Area Middleweight title clash (subject to Board approval). Hot prospects Bradley Evans, Steve O’Meara and Steve Barnes also feature alongside the pro debut of Phill Fury (subject to Board approval).


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