Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Khan ready to teach Kotelnik

Amir Khan has hit back at Andreas Kotelnik and promised to give him a boxing lesson on July 18 at the M.E.N Arena. Khan, 22, has blasted the Ukrainian from his LA gym after the WBA World Light-Welterweight champion claimed he was a little boy who was going to take a beating. "If he's going around saying that I am a kid then I will let my fists do the talking," said Khan. "He's going to be in for a shock. "If he thinks it is going to be an easy fight for him then he has got something else coming. "It will be exciting but at the end of the day it will be me with the belt around my waist and we will see who the child is then. "His trash talk has made me train a lot harder, made me focused. Knowing someone out there is talking bad about you makes you want to go out there and prove him wrong. "I'm going to give him a boxing lesson. I am confident that I am going to be the teacher and show him what boxing is all about." Khan also hit back at suggestions by Kotelnik that he would repeat Breidis Prescott's first round KO victory in September last year. And he said it would be Kotelnik who'd be visiting the canvas. "The fight against Breidis Prescott, it just happened, it was just a mistake," said Khan. "My defence has really come on now. I don't think that Andreas Kotelnik can get a shot on me I'll be so sharp. "He will have to find my chin if he is going to knock me out and I don't think he is going to find it. "I'm going to be the first guy to knock him out. "I'm not going to be too big-headed, but I don't think he has ever been in with someone like me. Moving to 140 pounds has made me stronger, fitter and more explosive. I hit harder. "Who was the last fighter that he fought? I would have knocked him out. "I can be the first man to stop Andreas Kotelnik. I have got the energy to go the full 12 rounds, but if he is hurt I will put the pressure on him and I can see a late stoppage happening."


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