Monday, September 21, 2009

Thaxton looking to prove Father Time wrong

Former British and European Lightweight Champion Jon Thaxton believes he can prove the boxing world and his own father wrong by regaining his British title when he clashes with leading domestic rival John Murray next month. A win for Thaxton would see him win a Lonsdale belt for keeps while Murray will be looking to regain the title he lost on the scales earlier this year. The mouth watering domestic dustup takes places at the Altrincham Leisure Centre on October 3rd with the Hennessy Sports event live on ITV4. Thaxton’s disappointing form in 2009 has seen him installed as a 5/1 outsider ahead of the clash but the Norwich veteran says he’s determined to prove the bookies and his own father wrong. “Even my Dad’s writing me off for this one,” admitted Thaxton. “After I lost my last fight to Tom Glover he asked me to retire. He said, ‘Look son, you’ve enjoyed a fantastic career but you’ve had your day in the sun maybe it’s time to quit’. “When I told him that I wanted to carry on he shook his head and said, ‘Murray’s going to knock you out’ so even my own father doesn’t think I can pull this one off. Of course I respect his opinion, I’m a father myself and I know that 9 out of 10 times a father is right but I believe he’s got it wrong this time.” Thaxton insists that he’s happy to be cast in the role of underdog against the unbeaten Murray who has won all 27 of his bouts in the pro ranks. “I’ve had a bad year,” said the 35-year-old southpaw. “I’ve lost my last two fights when on paper I should have won them. I consider myself to be the ultimate professional but maybe subconsciously I underestimated both those guys and while I might have been physically fit for those fights maybe mentally I wasn’t where I should have been. That won’t be the case this time because I know that to win this fight I’m going to have to go to hell and back. “In my mind I’m fighting a monster, I’m overestimating what John Murray is capable of, as far as I’m concerned I’m fighting King Kong but mentally that’s the challenge I need, that’s what will bring the best out of me. “I’m preparing for war. He’s a hungry, young fighter and a top prospect. I’m actually a big fan of his and I love his exciting style. It’s going to be a great fight for the fans so as a boxing fan I’m really looking forward to the fight.” Thaxton has gone back to basics for this fight and has left the home comforts of Norwich to base himself at the Ingle’s Gym in Sheffield. “I’ve already been in Sheffield for the last 7 weeks. I’ve cut myself off from my family and kids for this one and it’s been very, very hard but I know that the sacrifices will be worth it. Dominic Ingle has been pushing me so hard in the gym and he’s studied Murray to ensure that we have a plan A, B and C. “This fight reminds me of when I knocked out Paul ‘Scrap Iron’ Ryan back in 1996. He was the big unbeaten, up and comer at the time and I was a massive underdog but I prevailed that night and I believe I can do it again.” Thaxton believes all the sacrifices will be worth it come October 3rd. “I’m thriving on this. Of course the sacrifices are very hard but that’s the way it’s supposed to be. All I’m thinking about is getting my hands on that Lonsdale belt and winning it for keeps. That’s the one thing I’ve always wanted in my career and the only man standing in the way of me doing that now is John Murray.”


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