Thursday, October 08, 2009

Cleverly Boxes Clever

Nathan Cleverly hopes to be bidding for two vacant titles this year - the European light-heavyweight crown and the post of Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambrdige University! One of Britain's most prestigious academic positions recently became open after world famous super-physicist Stephen Hawking stood down. The job has previously been held by Sir Isaac Newton - who discovered gravity - and Charles Babbage, the man credited with inventing the first computer. But Cleverly, 22, cheekily reckons he is an ideal candidate after successfully combining a career in the sweetest science with a four-year Maths degree at Cardiff University.The Welsh brain-box defends his British and Commonwealth light-heavyweight titles against Courtney Fry at Bethnal Green's York Hall on Friday night live on Sky Sports. And if he emerges victorious, promoter Frank Warren has promised him a crack at the European light-heavyweight crown on December 5 in Newcastle. But despite the pressure ahead of the Fry fight, Cleverly has loftier things on his mind. "British, Commonwealth, European champion...and Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambrdige University definitely has a nice ring to it," said Cleverly. "I've got my application ready, and I'm looking forward to hearing back from the boffins at Cambridge. "I may only be 22, but I'm pretty good on gravity because my opponents seem to hit the floor soon after getting in the ring with me. "My career is accelerating nicely too, and before too long I'm going to become an unstoppable force with an incredible power to weight ratio. "Even if I don't get the post at Cambridge, I'm quite happy to go up there and take part in a few experiments to show just how hard I can hit.


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