Friday, March 26, 2010

Froch tuning in for Abraham vs Dirrell

Nottingham’s WBC Super middleweight champion Carl ‘the cobra’ Froch will be tuning into Primetime PPV Sky Channel 480 this Saturday with interest, as a former victim goes head to head with his next scheduled opponent in the Showtime Super Six World Boxing Classic Tournament. “I’ve got the fight booked and like the rest of the boxing public out there, I’ll be intrigued as to how the fight will pan out." said Froch from his Sheffield training base alongside Robert McCracken and the British Olympic team. “We all know what both men bring to the table in this fight. On one hand we have the slippery Dirrell who will look to get his shots off and is supremely quick and naturally talented – and then we have the popular Mr. Abraham in the opposite corner, a compact man with a tight guard and bricks in his gloves.” Froch himself knows what it’s like to fight Andre Dirrell, having outpointed the American visitor back in November 2009 during the first round of the tournament, which was aired in the UK on Sky channel 480 - and now with Virgin Media added to the platform, Froch vs. Kessler on the 24th April will be available to even more fight fans. Froch won the fight on a split decision; With the Mexican judge giving it to Dirrell by a point, whilst the remaining judges gave it to Froch by two points. "We knew nothing of him really before I fought him, but Dirrell has a lot of natural talent, with good range and athleticism. He is a difficult operator to pin down. Abraham is certainly going to have his work cut out for him." said Froch. The fight was originally to be held in Palm Springs at the beginning of the month, but a back injury to Dirrell saw a postponement and venue relocation to within 60 miles of his hometown. Froch saw this as potentially more pressure for Dirrell which may drive him on. “Fighting at home brings more pressure to perform. I don’t think Dirrell has had a high profile local fight so far in his career. Dirrell will reflect on his tactics not working in our fight and will hopefully look to let his hands go more. To let his fists do the talking." The city of Detroit has seen many a legend pass through it's infamous Kronk Gym over the years. With the likes of their first world champion Hilmer Kenty and more famously, Thomas 'Hitman' Hearns. “The fantastic boxing fans of Detroit have had the likes of Hitman Hearns entertaining them over the years. Dirrell will have some big boots to fill and the experience of surviving twelve rounds in a world title fight with me will give him added confidence. He will certainly need that confidence when facing the powerful package that Arthur Abraham brings to the table." said Froch. Froch believes Abraham’s chances all boil down to ring generalship to be successful against ‘The Matrix’. “Dirrell’s got Mayweather-like speed and reflexes. But the difference is, rather than make you miss and punish you; he’d rather make you miss and move. Therefore Abraham needs to take command of the fight and dictate it. Whereas the fighter in me likes to get straight into the thick of the action, Abraham is more patient. Dirrell has declared he is going to let his fists fly this time and he really does need to keep his Super Six dream alive - because he is drinking in last chance saloon now and Abraham is about to turf him out before he finishes his drink." laughed Froch. "It's got the hall marks of potentially being a very great fight, now that Dirrell has no more chances left, with fighting at home and with a serious puncher like Abraham in the corner it could really be explosive. That's the great thing about this match up - nobody can forecast what is going to happen."


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