Monday, July 27, 2009

Kell Brook in title fight with Michael Jennings

The welterweight war that the whole country wants to see is officially on after Kell Brook and Michael Jennings agreed to a mouth-watering British title clash. Rising star Brook will defend his belt against classy former British champion Jennings later this year in a classic War of the Roses match up. The date and venue will be confirmed shortly. Last week Brook, who has won a Lonsdale belt outright in just nine rounds of completed boxing, identified Jennings as the only man who could challenge his claim to be the best in the country. And Special K demanded a showdown with a fighter who recently challenged Miguel Cotto for the WBO World Welterweight title in New York. His wish has now been granted, and with the fight on, both men are promising an all action thriller. "I could have moved on to European or even world level, but I've got unfinished business at home and I need to beat Jennings to be number one," said Sheffield's unbeaten Brook. "Having fought Cotto, he is known in the States and if I do a job on him I can make a big statement about my abilities at world level. "I've taken out each of my last three opponents in the first three rounds, and I can do something similar against Jennings. He's a slow starter and I know I can get him out of there quickly." But Jennings, who has only lost two of his 37 fights, says he is confident of victory. "Brook's a good kid and he's done well to win a Lonsdale belt outright," said the Lancastrian. "But let's be honest, who has he really fought? It's not until now that he's met someone who can stand up to him, and believe me I will do. "People asked me if I was going to retire after the Cotto fight, but the thought never crossed my mind. "I want title fights and I'm delighted that I've got Brook, because this is an opportunity for me to get back into the big time. "Everyone is talking about him as the future of British boxing, but I'll take him to school." Warren added: "Both boxers have said they want this fight, and I'm delighted that they have agreed to it. I know that it's going to be a classic."


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