Friday, January 22, 2010

Mighty Mitchell in Wembley Showdown

Hot prospect Kevin Mitchell will be battling for his world title ambitions on February 13 - and the future of that East End staple, jellied eels, as well. The WBO lightweight number one ranked contender faces Spaniard Ignacio Mendoza at Wembley Arena as he close in fast on a crack at WBO interim world champion Michael Katsidis.And the 25-year-old is hoping to use the fight to raise publicity for the plight of eels. Reports today suggest that the eel population in the River Thames has dropped by up to 97 per cent in the last five years.East Ender Mitchell has vowed to do his bit to help them avoid extinction, by giving up the dish ahead of his clash with Mendoza."I usually get stuck into a plate of jellied eels on a Friday after a tough week in the gym with my trainer Jimmy Tibbs," he said."It's my little treat after working hard, but as of today I've decided to stick to Pie 'n' Mash instead."Jellied eels are an important part of east end culture, and it's vital they don't die out."All the cockneys out there who love eating eels need to cut down a bit to sustain the population, me included."The east end wouldn't be the same without them, and if my next fight can help save them then that's great." "The only things up for extinction are Mendoza and Katsidis!"


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